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Getting in and out of the vehicle

Vehicle door fire service

Getting in and out of the vehicle can be effortless for the crew, even in the narrowest areas such as lanes in old town centres. There is a gap of just a few centimetres between the opening door and the vehicle body.

Passive safety

Passive safety

Fire fighters can see outside through the large glass door before even getting out of the vehicle. This can avoid critical situations and even injuries.

Ideal ventilation

Ventilation by means of sliding window

The integrated sliding window enables the interior of the vehicle to be well ventilated. The simple operation guarantees that the window can be opened by fire fighters sitting in the direction of travel and against the direction of travel.
The maximum opening is 610 x 335 mm.

Illuminated pushbuttons

Illuminated pushbuttons

The door is opened and closed from the inside or outside using illuminated push buttons. This ensures operation even when wearing full protective gear.

Further advantages

  • The large glass door permits more daylight to enter the crew area. This makes it easier to gauge the situation at the deployment site even before leaving the vehicle and put on the corresponding protective clothing, and simultaneously reduces the risk of injury.
  • The very fast opening and closing cycles guarantee a smooth deployment.
  • No damage is caused to the crew's own vehicle or to other vehicles when opening the sliding door system. Such damage occurs repeatedly with hinged doors due to the large opening radius.
  • This door system guarantees safe exit from the vehicle even with breathing apparatus.
  • With this system the door cannot slam due to strong wind or the vehicle being on a steep incline, something which can occur in the case of hinged doors.
  • Tried and tested components from the bus industry ensure high reliability and a long service life.

Flyer to download

Flyer Fire service vehicle doors

Flyer Fire service vehicle doors (PDF)